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    Iranian (Persian) Hand Woven Pictorial Carpet of the Boat Landscape

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    The best quality Hand Woven Persian Pictorial Carpet from best quality silk and wool, with Silk Foundation, This Tableau Rug is woven in "Tabriz" City, The Capital of Iranian Pictorial Carpet.
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    Designs and Layouts of Persian Carpets

    One reason of Persian carpet popularity in the world is charming, interesting and different designs. Carpet of each region in Iran has its own special design and you can distinguish the place of the w...


    The Most Famous Carpets in the World

    Briefly introducing Pazyryk rug, now we are going to talk about it more as the most famous rug in the world.

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    Carpet in the Passage of History

    Carpet in the Passage of History

    In 1947 a rug was found in a region called Pazinic. This carpet obviously shows that the Iranian carpet design and reminds engravings of Persepolis. This rug is of knotting kind with green, lateritiou...