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    0 Designs and Layouts of Persian Carpets

    One reason of Persian carpet popularity in the world is charming, interesting and different designs. Carpet of each region in Iran has its own special design and you can distinguish the place of the woven carpet easily by noticing the design.

    The Most Famous Carpets in the World
    0 The Most Famous Carpets in the World

    Briefly introducing Pazyryk rug, now we are going to talk about it more as the most famous rug in the world.

    This rug was discovered in 1949 by Russian archeologist, professor Rudenko, which was originally used as horse cover. It was found in the ice-covered tombs of Scythian Bedouins area which is called Pazyryk. This carpet dates back to 2500 years ago and is engraved by walking men who are walking beside their horses and there are winged creatures, the marginal images of which are undoubtedly very similar to the common shapes of the Achaemenid period andPersepolis motifs. In the middle there are four-bladed stars similar to the shapes reflected on discovered objects in Lorestan in this epoch.

    Pundits also believe that weaving such a rug requires a strong cultural and artistic background at least for several centuriesand indicates that this art had been common in Iranian plateau before famous Pazyryk carpet. About its historical background which is held in “Dimand” museum, Professor Rudenko believes that it has been woven in the time of old Medes and Parthians.

    Carpet in the Passage of History
    0 Carpet in the Passage of History

    In 1947 a rug was found in a region called Pazinic. This carpet obviously shows that the Iranian carpet design and reminds engravings of Persepolis. This rug is of knotting kind with green, lateritious, burgundy and brown colors. This rug is decorated by riders and running deer and also red flowers making two decorative line strings. The shape, surface, and texture of this rug is significant. Because not only did it take the creation and invention course of knotting rugs to tens of centuries ago, but also shook all the formulated theories about the origin of rug and the ways of its circulation and techniques.

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